Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Got skateboards on my mind…

If you follow on me on Twitter (thewildcard), then you already know how much time I spend working at 44 Board in White Plains, NY. Don’t get me wrong: I love my job and it’s the best way to pay the bills but I spend a lot of time trapped behind a skate case!

This is where a lot of my “learning” takes place. For example, I learned how to grip a skateboard a few weeks ago (And I even videotaped it: How to Grip a Skateboard or you can just scroll down and check it out!).

Like always, I learned something new while at work today:
How to make your own Skate Wax sticks.

Random: Yes!
Useful: Of course!

D.I.Y. Skate Wax Sticks

Here’s What You’ll Need:
A glue stick
Wax (you can use an old candle)
Olive Oil
Tin can (opened and clean!)
An oven mitt
A Stove

1. Take you tin can and you pliers. Use the pliers to make the lip of the can pointed. This is so the liquid wax and be poured out easily.

2. Put some wax into the tin can, and add a little olive oil (about 1 tablespoon).

3. Take your glue stick and remove all the glue (but not the glue base piece!). Screw it all the way down to the bottom.

4. Put the can on the stove and heat up the wax until it melts. Once it is completely melted, let it cool for a few minutes so that you’re not pouring boiling-hot wax into the empty glue stick.

5. Use an oven mitt to pick up the hot can of melted wax, and carefully pour the wax into the empty glue stick. NOTE: Place the glue stick on a piece of newspaper or tin foil incase you spill the wax. It makes clean-up a breeze!

6. Set the wax stick aside and let dry.

Now you’ve got a retractable wax stick that’s perfect to stash in your pocket for that sticky ledge at the park, or for slapping some wax on your trucks for skating tranny. It won’t get all melty, leave a nasty film in your pocket or get all over your iPod.

Thanks to Solid Foundation Skatepark & Skateboarding Zine for the idea and instructions!
Check ‘em out!

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